Prean, preannouncements made easy

Prean facilitates all your preannouncements. Simple, fast and designed to the highest standards.

With Prean you have everything in the palm of your hand to arrange your visit. This way, everyone is playing it safe.

Prean facilitates your visit

Prean doesn’t arrange access to ships or sites but it does take care of your visit’s preannouncement. The principle is simple. Companies register their visits to ships or sites in advance. The people responsible evaluate the preannouncement. Here, Prean comes in very handy because it collects all the necessary information to decide whether or not to admit the visitor.


Preannouncements are a daily occurrence in the port world. For years, Prean has been speeding up shipping. The result: tons of experience in guiding visitors along the right path.


Prean arranges your preannouncement for any location: terminals, company buildings, sites… A handy map shows the visitor the way.

Prean is always with you

Prean makes life easier. And more efficient too. Because with Prean, you instantly have all the information about your visit at hand. Is a ship coming in? Is it delayed? Is an appointment being moved? Prean knows it. And so do you.

Preannounce with Prean: Why?

Arrange your visits around the clock, any day of the week, because Prean is always at your fingertips.

You can get cracking with the software immediately, because Prean is the epitome of simplicity.

Access control is fast and reliable, because Prean checks all approvals beforehand.

Snoopers don’t stand a chance, because Prean sets the bar high to keep all your information safe and secure.

Who is Prean for?

Will you be visiting a company? Then use Prean to preannounce your visit. Are you receiving a visitor? Then use Prean to evaluate your visitor’s preannouncement.

Prean for the visitor

Imagine you would like to visit one of Prean’s affiliated partners. To do so, you will need a preannouncement which you can do quickly and easily with Prean.

Prean for the recipient

Port facilities

Think of international port companies with different terminals or sites


Think of the water clerk who acts as the contact person between the ship and the visitor.


Think of companies that are looking for streamlined visitor management.

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