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Creating and managing digital preannouncements anytime, anywhere: that was the starting point for Alfapass to launch Prean in 2013. With success! Because today, preannouncements are indispensable to our customers. Following in their footsteps, we are planning to expand to other sectors and complex ecosystems. 

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The start
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Our vision

With Prean, Alfapass wants to offer a leading solution to manage visits. Our keywords? Security, simplicity and structure. This way, we facilitate visits to companies and environments where trust is important. 

From preannouncement to Prean

Prean is growing year on year. The app, which started as a concept powered by Alfapass, has developed and matured over the years.


Alfapass originates from the collaboration between Alfaport Antwerp, Cepa and Seagha.


Together with the port community, Alfapass studies the preannouncement procedures.


The platform for preannouncements is launched.


We further develop the platform and create a web application.


We optimise the web app with a new look and feel.


Prean detaches from Alfapass and gains a life of its own.

Item #7

Prean is being expanded to inland vessels.

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